Rakshit Seth (Turkey)08.04.2016 04:18
Andrew Lee Bromwich (Turkey)15.04.2015 05:01
Bas Alblas (Netherlands)09.04.2015 04:39
Service and patience are OK
Antonia Adriana Wilhelmina Collart (Netherlands)07.04.2015 08:45
Thanks for your patience for a nitwit like me. Very friendly and helpfull.
Carrie Michelle Greenhalgh (United Kingdom)01.04.2015 08:08
Thankyou, fast delivery and the application is not hard or complicated to fill out
RICHARD JAMES SOANES (United Kingdom)26.03.2015 04:19
Very helpful and efficient. I made a stupid error on my application but they dealt with everything and arranged for a new visa very quickly. I will definately use their services again in the future.
rakshit seth (United Kingdom)26.03.2015 07:57
pretty quick service. got my visa in just 1 hour .
JUNE DIANE SOANES (United Kingdom)24.03.2015 05:25
Excellent service
Rayhaan Raja Hussain (United Kingdom)20.03.2015 04:29
Excellent and very fast service. Would highly recommend visasworld. Friendly too.
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Very efficient and user friendly.
Paul John Pinyon Adams (United Kingdom)18.03.2015 12:55
Barbara Eva Maria Holyoake (United Kingdom)18.03.2015 11:52
Easy to apply for a visa and speedy confirmation
raymond anthony barnes (United Kingdom)18.03.2015 09:48
visa received within 24 hours
babubhai kantilal mehta (United Kingdom)15.03.2015 09:45
Excellent service
Paul Richards (United Kingdom)14.03.2015 09:43
the man was very helpful & made things clear for me to understand. just waiting for my visa for turkey.
Marilyn Newbold (United Kingdom)13.03.2015 06:47
I found that applying for the Visa was easier than I expected. The form to fill in was clear, simple and short. The payment process was good and my EVisa was processed quickly.
Malcolm George McDonald (USA)11.03.2015 04:52
Excellent Service. Very Fast
SIVAGURU SIVARAJAN (United Kingdom)10.03.2015 02:07
brian maxwell (United Kingdom)09.03.2015 05:03
thank you for your attention, excellent service.we will be visiting your country on the 17th march regards
Louise Williamson (United Kingdom)07.03.2015 03:59
very quick service , no problems.
sally Kitto (United Kingdom)06.03.2015 08:22
I was able to complete the application and payment because Rog was on the telephone line talking me through it,he was very patient and polite.
Derek KITTO (United Kingdom)06.03.2015 08:11
Your service to day was excellent and Rog even rang me to verify a point. It was a little off putting though when I rang this morning and was told no one was available to speak to me in English and please ring back later.
Sarita Margaret McLuskie (United Kingdom)03.03.2015 01:13
Sally reed (United Kingdom)03.03.2015 11:44
I was unable at first to fill out my application on line, so I called the help desk. The gentleman who answered my call was very helpful and patient and we managed to get through it together. I was then able to successfully pay for my visa on line. So hopefully that was successful! So I will only give 1 star to the web site, but I would give 5 stars to the gentleman who helped me on the telephone!
susan mary millard (United Kingdom)02.03.2015 05:10
Wonderful service, thank you. Finding a way to get your emails into our inbox rather than spam would make the quality of your service complete
Judith Elsa Valerie Ford (United Kingdom)24.02.2015 02:15
The assistance I received from your representative was absolutely wonderful. He was patient, efficient, friendly and kind. I could not fault the service in anyway. He is a credit to your organisation. Thanks you very much for your help and support.
James Andrew Mackinnon (United Kingdom)23.02.2015 01:54
Thank you for deaing with my application with good service.
Raj seth (United Kingdom)23.02.2015 09:08
Harsh Ranjan (USA)23.02.2015 09:08
Great Website :)
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Good Service & pretty quick.
Rakshit Seth (Australia)23.02.2015 07:00
Excellent website & very prompt response. I got my Turkey eVisa in just 4 hours.